If you hold to my teachings, you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. —cf. Jn 8: 32

The Bee

Challenge your mind with real science in a novel series that dares science to co exist with spirituality. Perhaps God resides in other quantum dimensions?

Joe Main is a college instructor in 1986 who encounters Spero, an escapee from 2247 when a remnant population on Earth is ruled by a ruthless dictator.

They attempt to avoid capture with time relocation and the help of two women. One is a brilliant woman from the future whose mind is downloaded into their craft's (the Bee's) computer. The other is the love interest of their pursuer.

This book is the first in a series of three.


The last antichrist is on a murderous spree, hunting those who worship the "Unseen God". Justin would rather find a peaceful solution and pursue the woman he loves.

Unfortunately, he must be the leader of the revolution, and it would seem they have no weapons.


The Antichrist's deception crumbles and pure evil rises from the ruins. He expects their rebellion and has an unstoppable plan to defeat the Masters of Time and the Warriors of God.

He will begin by incinerating the Earth.

Conclusion novel of John Pascal's "The Revelation Trilogy", following "The Bee" and "Domes".