If you hold to my teachings, you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free. cf. Jn 8: 32

John Pascal sm
Pascal John Imperato began writing fiction in junior high, became a high school literary editor, and continued short stories in creative writing classes at Johns Hopkins University. Getting his M.D. at Duke University and beginning his medical practice in Pennsylvania temporarily turned him to scientific and journal writing. After a born again revelation, Pascal resumed fiction writing once more, but with a messianic twist, under the pen name of John Pascal.

Pascal has published science fiction novels, consisting of The Bee, Domes and 2248 (The Revelation Trilogy), and a two-book Angel series, Wingin' It and My Child.

Fatherless takes the reader into the atrocities of human trafficking and street gangs. Prisoner 1171 is a novel focusing on the disabled and evangelism in prison. Truth Wars puts you on the front lines of God and politics at a university. Pascal lives and writes in Fallbrook, California.

Should you open your heart to create a work for the Lord, don't be surprised if He comes up with better ideas than your own... even if much research is required. I’ve learned not to argue. Partnering with Him is a lot more fun.

God wants you to know about saving prisoners, handling unwanted pregnancy, the importance of listening to Him, human trafficking, and what has happened to truth in educating our children. A pleasant way to absorb these things is to read about them in a good story.

— J.P.